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May 28 and 29 2022








Dear Friends and Participants,

Unfortunately we have to postpone our 24-hour cycling race for 2021

The state of the pandemic and the special features of our race (which include sleeping in the pits) make it so, as a precaution, out of respect for everyone involved and above all because we like to participate in this event without any restrictions.

In agreement with the Cascais Municipality, Portuguese Cycling Federation and Estoril Autodrome, we have provisionally rescheduled the event for May 28th and 29th, 2022.

However, this date is still subject to confirmation, due to the international commitments of the Estoril Autodrome. We will keep registrations open with no payment until 2022.

Be prepared for some surprises!
We count on your presence and enthusiasm to make the next edition a great success.

Thank you all

The Event

24h Cascais Bike Race

A pioneer in Portugal and an event of unique characteristics as it is disputed in a closed circuit with excellent infrastructures. With the support of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, this competition is open to all, professionals and amateurs and all bicycles, in teams or solo. The teams are organized as a relay system, therefore, everyone manages their own time on track. Two 6-hour events can also be held, one for Young People and another for Electric Bikes, both inserted in the main race.

The second edition of 24h Cascais Bike Race will take place on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of May 2022. After the success of the first edition, we expect a huge turnout. Make sure to guarantee your spot there!


Estoril Autodrome

A mythical circuit where champions have celebrated their big victories, here you have the opportunity to cycle in safety, with no cars, no tourist tours or roundabouts, and no children or animals in your way. You can experience the adrenaline of cycling on an excellent track and also during night, where you will have an illuminated track. At each post you will have an attentive track marshal ready to help you if needed, thus creating a relaxed and lively atmosphere, a true Cycling Festival.


Paddock Village

The entertainment area can be found behind the pits. Here you can find the presence of various brands and bicycle accessories, street food, cycling initiatives for young children, sponsor exhibitions, a massage area and on Saturday night a pop rock music concert.

The race, how it will be?

Who can participate?

Everybody, this is an open event for everyone above the age of 15 (or those who turn 15 in 2020), federated or amateur, male or female, or for whom who simply want to have a different weekend, relaxed and engaged in some healthy team rivalry.

Which bikes can participate?

All bicycles are welcome; classical, road, mountain, triathlon, BTT, everyone brings their own bike! various types of bicycles can coexist within the team. Electric bicycles can also take part in a 6-hour race.

Do we have to cycle for 24h?

No, do not be alarmed, although some solo participants did cycle for the 24h in the first edition. Since this is a team race in a relay system, each team manages their own time on track, and cycles as much as they want or can sustain. In order to be classified at the end, achieve a good final classification, one element of the team should always be on track, and to be classified at the end of the race, a team must travel at least 40% of the distance of the first classified.

And the cars?

The great advantage of this event is that you can cycle in a closed circuit, no cars, no people, no animals and without the frequent tourist tours, roundabouts, sewer covers, holes and various other typical situations you might encounter in public roads. We have a real-life “carpet” awaiting you, with a challenging and varied 4,163Kms layout, in excellent safety conditions.

And the night?

With your safety always on our minds, we will have the circuit well-lit at night. The heat of the day will certainly contrast with the cool of the evening, and this will put all participants’ resistance to test. Only those enrolled in the 24h race will have the opportunity to experience two unique moments; the sunset while gazing at the beautiful Serra de Sintra, and twilight with unique images and colours, in this fabulous circuit. These will be unforgettable moments for those who are on the track at that time.

How should I prepare?

Above anything else, you should bring along your good mood and eagerness to cycle for a few hours (not necessarily all in one go), in the company of family, friends or co-workers. Bring your bicycle, and if you do not have one, you can share among teammates. To be safe and comfortable, do not forget your helmet, gloves, clothes suitable for cycling and a sleeping bag to rest while you are not on track. Remember you will be spending the weekend with us at the racetrack, which we hope you will not regret!

And the food?

You can always bring along prepared meals or a picnic from home, however there will be a supply area with water, fruit and energy bars, and as in the first edition, a breakfast exclusive to participants on Sunday morning from 7 to 10 am. We hope to have even more surprises for you! For your friends and family there is the street food area operating in the Paddock Village.

Space for the teams?

The racetrack boxes have spacious areas that will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, as the number is limited. If there aren’t enough, a joint tent set up on the Paddock area will house the remaining participants. Each team has its own limited space and designated area within the box, suitable for the number of elements that make up the team. The boxes also have power supply, bathrooms and wifi. Anyone who wishes to can also bring along an auto caravan and park it in the Paddock area in an appropriate location.

Do you have any doubts?

We can clarify you! send us a message, and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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